Feb 15, 2011 Paper accepted in J Neurosci.
Saskia Haegens et al. Top-down controlled alpha band activity in somatosensory areas determines behavioral performance in a discrimination task.

Feb 5, 2011 Cheng-hua Bai joins the group for MSc project

Feb 1, 2011 Tom Marshall joins the group as PhD student

Jan 27-28,2011. Workshop in S. Korea on Brain Networks.
Organized by Dong Soo Lee and Ole Jensen. NRF/NWO sponsored.

Jan 12, 2011 Paper accepted in Neuroscience Letters.
Ali Bahramisharif, Tom Heskes, Ole Jensen and Marcel A.J. van Gerven. Lateralized responses during covert attention are modulated by target eccentricity

Nov 16,  2010 Paper accepted in J Neurosci.
van Ede F., de Lange F., Jensen O. and Maris E. (in press) Orienting attention to an upcoming tactile event involves a spatially and temporally specific modulation of sensorimotor alpha- and beta-band oscillations.